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A 1923 Leica “Null-Serie” Camera Sold For Rs. 15.21 Crores

They say “Old is Gold,” and we abide by that. However, if we tell you that an old camera can fetch you Rs. 15.21 Crores, you’ll never believe us. However if you have a old film camera and are thinking of throwing it then hold that thought till the end of the article, and maybe you will change your mind. At an auction held in Vienna this past weekend, a 1923 Leica fetched a whopping 2.16 million Euros (Rs. 15.21 Crores). How’s that for the price of an old film camera? However, before you, start polishing your old camera let us tell you that, the 1923 Leica was a rare 35-mm camera; one of the 12-operational models from the 25 prototype cameras Leica developed for their o-Serie models. The WestLicht auction, expected the "null-serie" Leica camera to fetch in between 600,000 to 800,000 Euros, but to everyone’s surprise due to the strong interest of the aspiring buyers, it was sold for 2.16 million Euros (Rs. 15.21 Crores) to an anonymous buyer. Therefore, keeping an old camera (in operational condition) seems to be a great idea … doesn’t it.

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