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A New Camera Module Developed by Toshiba lets you Refocus Snapped Pictures
A New Camera Module Developed by Toshiba lets you Refocus Snapped Pictures

A New Camera Module Developed by Toshiba lets you Refocus Snapped Pictures

A new camera module has been developed by Toshiba Corp which allows users to refocus any part of a photograph which has already been shot. According to reports, the... module is so small that it can be accommodated in smartphones and tablets. As of now cameras require the users to focus on the image before shooting the picture. Subsequent changes can be made to the photographs thereafter using imaging software, but this new technology from Toshiba promises to take the photography and imaging experience to a totally different platform.

This module is cube shaped and measures only 1 cm square containing 5, 00,000 lenses. Each of these lenses is 0.03 millimeter in diameter. The interesting part here is that the same mechanism is use by the module as that of the compound eye structure found in insects.

The image produced by each of this module is slightly different and the camera then produces a complete picture by using original software that combines these 5, 00,000 tiny images. Reports claim that the camera measures the distance to an object the way cameras do in case of two lenses used to create 3D images, depending on the differences between the small images.

As per reports the module focuses on the objects by magnifying and superimposing only those portions of the images that have come out well. The new camera can even create pictures that are focused on every single part of the image which is not available in traditional cameras. It is even possible to record videos using this module. Reports claim that the module allows the image of a figure to retain in the foreground while replacing the background.

The module is likely to be brought for commercial use by Toshiba by the end of 2013, enabling smartphone manufactures and other companies to incorporate the idea into their products. Going by the importance of having decent camera functionality in any of the smartphones today, this kind of technology will surely work its magic in the mainstream markets.

A similar type of camera - Lytro was unveiled last June which allowed the users to focus or refocus an image after it was shot. It captured light data from all possible angles thru microlens array – a special sensor which basically puts together many lenses in a tiny space. High end software is used to allow users to set the point of focus once the image is transferred onto a computer screen. Sources have claimed that this kind of technology was said to be a revolutionary moment in photography.

The Lytro camera is the brainchild of Ren Ng, who’s also the Chief Executive at Lytro. He's had this concept with him since 2006 as a part of his Ph.D. thesis at Stanford University. It has won him the Best Doctoral Dissertation in Computer Science award from the Association of Computing Machinery.

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