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A Piece of Glass That Can Store Data Forever
A Piece of Glass That Can Store Data Forever

Nothing lasts forever” we’ve been hearing this adage for ages now. But it seems that pretty soon we won’t be able to say that. Now, you might be saying “Why?”, so let us tell you “Why.” According to a report, tech major Hitachi is developing a quartz glass plate, which could store your movies, music, files, & documents from your computer forever.

The hard drives and CDs, that we have now can only store data for some decades or may be a century. But the new glass quartz developed by Hitachi can withstand tremendous temperatures and antagonistic conditions with no degrading, almost forever

So, how does it work? Well, the data in the glass quartz is being stored in binary format with a slim sheet of quartz glass. The data is being read using a regular optical microscope.

The material at preset has four layers of dots, which could hold 40 megabytes per square inch (about the same density as a music CD), but researchers are optimistic of adding more layers. This Glass storage is also waterproof.

It’s interesting to see something that sounds so delicate, actually is the most powerful form of storing data.

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