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A Smartphone For Visually Impaired
A Smartphone For Visually Impaired


Technology makes things simpler and easier for all. In addition, this exactly is what Qualcomm has done with their new Ray smartphone. Now, the Ray smartphone is a specially developed smartphone for visually impaired people and has been given a vibration & voice based UI.


Qualcomm is a prominent chipmaker, but is not known for manufacturing mobile devices, but with their Ray smartphone, the company is set to change all that. The Ray Smartphone from Qualcomm is developed in association with Project Ray, which is known for designing accessibility tools for visually impaired people.


The smartphone employs a specially developed UI on a Qualcomm Snapdragon powered smartphone that using the sounds and gestures allows the visually impaired people to use smartphones with absolute ease.


Speaking on the UI, CEO of Project Ray said that the breakthrough User Interface classifies a brand new language for human device communication, which develops ground-up for eye free operation.


As per the manufacturers, as soon as the user touches any part of the screen, that part becomes the beginning point for the selection of any activity including messaging, audio book, or any other. The navigation on the handset is enabled using some simple finger movements in several directions. The en-suite vibration ability of the handset and voice prompts delivers user feedback and the User Interface automatically adapt the behavior of the user based on their usage patterns and preferences.


The Qualcomm Ray handset will give access to information and entertainment on the move for which earlier they were dependent on other mediums like compact discs and books. The content for these devices has been created by Israel's central library, and in addition to providing the content, users will also be allowed to download more content from their libraries.


We haven’t got any details regarding the availability of the device, but we are expectant of the device entering the Indian market at the same time as it is launched across the world.

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