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Airtel Expands Its 4G Service To Pune
Airtel Expands Its 4G Service To Pune


Airtel, world’s 3rd largest Telecommunication Company is all set to launch its 4G service in Pune. Very soon the 4G LTE (Long Term Evoluation) modems will be available at introductory price of Rs. 4,999.  Airtel has already rolled out its 4G services in Bangalore and Kolkata cities, Pune will be the third city.


Airtel’s 4G Long Term Evolution wireless technologies deliver data speeds of up to 100 Mbps and operate on LTE TDD (Long Term Evolution Time-Division Duplexing) 2300 MHz radio frequency spectrum.  According to reports, Airtel 4G LTE claims to offer download speed of 20 Mbps that’s pretty fast to share documents and files without any hick-ups.


Airtel 4G LTE is a multi-mode modem USB stick, which supports 2G and 3G network bands also and it works with 128 KB Universal SIM which does not –support voice or SMS.  You can enjoy video calls based on VoIP services such as GTalk, Skype and others.


Airtel aims to enable HD quality video streaming along with several Internet activities.  Hope that 2G and 3G Airetl, 4G LTE gets its part of glory with its phenomenal speed.

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