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Airtel New 3G plans enable you to share data with 3 devices
Airtel New 3G plans enable you to share data with 3 devices

Airtel has announced a new 3G plan which allows it’s subscribers to share unlimited data usage with 3 different devices. The plan is open to all Airtel subscribers for both pre-paid as well as post-paid customers. The only prerequisitive is that the number should be of Airtel and within the same circle. 

In August, airtel had come up with a new jingle, which endorsed sharing between friends. The lyrics of the jingle goes in the following manner…”Jo mera hai who tera hai jo tera hai wo mera” meaning what’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine. Airtel is living upto its mantra by applying the concept on it’s 3G plan as well. 

The monthly rental for this plan will be Rs.1000 and you will get 5GB of 3G data which can be used across three devices. The best part is if you exhaust the 5GB limit and are within the 30 day period, you don’t have to pay again and you can continue to use unlimited data but speed drops to 80Kbps.

To subscribe to this plan, users can visit www.airtel.in/datashare or can send a SMS DATA SHARE ADD to 121.

This is a great initiative by Airtel considering 3G users with multiple devices like Smart phones, Tablets which will make it easier to use one data plan across devices. Hopefully, other operators will follow similar plans.

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