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Airtel Starts A New Emergency Alert Service
Airtel Starts A New Emergency Alert Service

Airtel users get yet another gift from their service provider and this time around for their own good. The Indian telecom major Bharti Airtel launched a new “emergency alert service” which will let its subscriber send an alert message along with the details of the location to 10 different mobile numbers.


In their statement, the telecom major stated that, the Airtel customers now would be able to send an alert message with their complete geographic location to their 10 contacts simultaneously with a simple call, making it easy for them to get quick help.


Customers will also be able to send a “SAFESMS signal to a preset group of 10 members and friends to keep them informed of your safety when you are out alone and during any sort of natural disaster or tragedy with a mere click.


Customers who will be going for the “Emergency Alert Service” will have to pay a sum of Rs 30 for thirty days and they will be able to send this alert even when they are out of balance.


If you wish to set the emergency alert for your handset then you will have to call on 55100 for registering your number, after which you will get SMS and voice alerts giving your location details.


You can also set this alert using SMS service just by typing HELP and sending that to 55100, which then will be sent to all the 10 numbers of your choice.


So, if you care about the safety of yourself and your loved ones, this is a nice option for you to ensure it through Airtel.

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