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An “Unprinter” For Printing

Just like you, we were also baffled upon hearing the term “unprinter,” as we never ever heard of it before. However, scientists seems to be confident about the “unprinter” term and are claiming of developing a new technology, which can take the ink from the printed papers (hence the name unprinter) and can reuse it for photocopiers and printers. This latest technology developed by a team of scientists from the University of Cambridge, makes use of small laser pulses for deleting words and images that are printed on the paper. The laser light vaporizes the ink on the paper without causing any damage to the paper and hence brings up the prospect of future photocopiers and computer printers with an 'unprint' feature, which will allow you to reuse the to allow paper to be reused. Scientists claims that the estimated cost of developing the prototype printer will be around £19,000, but once the technology improves and gets commercialized the cost will come down. If, and when, the technology comes into place, it will help the society significantly.

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