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And the Top Q3 2011 Smartphone Vendor is

Samsung is the top WW smartphone vendor for Q3 2011 according to Strategy Analytics, beating Apple from a units-shipped standpoint and claiming 23.8% market share.


Global smartphone shipments are on the rise in general- reaching 117M units and growing by 44.4% Y-o-Y (slower growth compared to Q3 2010, when the market saw 86.5% Y-o-Y growth). Samsung shipments total 27.8M units in Q3 2011, while Apple ships 17.1M units and slips in market share (from 17.4% in Q3 2010 to 14.6%) and growth (21% Y-o-Y, the lowest in 2 years according to Strategy Analytics).


The analyst attributes the Samsung growth to "a blend of elegant hardware designs, popular Android services, memorable sub-brands and extensive global distribution." Nokia comes in 3rd place, with 14.4% market share (down from 32.7% a year earlier) and shipments reaching 16.8M units. Strategy Analytics says the newly announced Lumia portfolio should help raise the company's profile while drivig "at lneast an L-shaped recovery in its global smartphone market share over the next few months."

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