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Android 4.0 To The Rescue Of Sony Walkman
Android 4.0 To The Rescue Of Sony Walkman

In an attempt to save the dying walkman series, Sony has once again revamped their walkman series and this time its Google’s Android 4.0 to the rescue. Sony has launched their second series, which includes company's slimmest Walkman players ever. The newly launched Walkman Mobile Entertainment Players will be entering the market in the month of August and will be available at www.beyondtime.in. The newly launched Android based Android Walkman Players include 16GB F800, which is expected to have a retail price of around $269.99, while the 32GB F800, will have retail price of around $299.99 (with all the taxes, expect the price in India to be a bit higher). The models without Android include 4GB E470 priced at $79.99, the 8GB E470 variant priced at around $89.99, and the 16G E470 version priced at $109.99. All the newly launched walkman models allow the user to save the downloaded music files from Sony's Music Unlimited subscription-music service through PC. These new walkman also permits drag-and-drop transfer of photos, music, podcasts, videos, and playlists from iTunes2 for Windows Media Player or Windows via Media Go software. The newly launched Sony F800 Android-based walkman players come loaded with several pre-installed apps including the likes of maps, email, and a media gallery. Featuring 3.5-in multi-touch display screen, these walkman players are powered by dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processer. They also have stereo Bluetooth for streaming music to Bluetooth-compatible audio systems. The Sony E470 walkman players on the other hand are 7mm-thick and come in red or black. In addition to this, they also feature 2-inch LCD display. Whether Android succeeds in saving the dying walkman sector or not, that can be decided only after the launch of the devices in market.

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