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Android OS Powers Three Out Of Four Smartphones
Android OS Powers Three Out Of Four Smartphones

Google’s Android OS slowly, but surely, is taking over the smartphone universe. According a recent report coming in, Android Operating System now powers around three out of four smartphones across the world.


The report suggests that the Android OS now owns 72.4 per cent stake in the mobile operating system sphere, which is a significant growth from the initial figures of 52.5 percent, which it held about a year ago.


The incredibly popular Samsung smartphones accounts for majority of Android’s success, with almost 55 million handsets being shipped every year with most of them running Android.


As per the latest survey, Apple, which powers its device with their own proprietary iOS OS, sold about 23.5 million handsets in the same time, the third quarter of 2012.


Those figures were up from the 17.3 million devices sold around a year ago, however, the rise was not enough to prevent the stake of company’s Operating System, coming down to 13.9 percent from 15 percent.


However, according to the reports, the fall in Apple’s market share could be accredited to the launch of Apple’s latest iPhone 5 in some countries. Experts expect the figures for Apple shooting up as soon as the iPhone 5 is launched in all the countries across the nation.

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