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Anyone, Anywhere Can Use Google Maps
Anyone, Anywhere Can Use Google Maps

Google, the name itself tells the whole story. Even kid knows that if you have to search something Google it.  Google is always there to serve you. 

Google has bought Google maps, which anyone can use on any mobile browser including the users of iOS6.

If you have used Google Map earlier, you will get to see many familiar features with Google Map on your mobile browser.  You can easily search for nearby restaurants, landmarks, and other points of interest.   It allows you to get driving, biking, transit, and walking directions.  You can use the turn on features for information like transit, biking, traffic, satellite, and other layers. Google Map has the feature to see clickable icons for business and transit stations, Information’s such as Zagat scores and many more.

Once you are signed in to your Google account you can access your recent searches, My Maps and starred locations. 

If you are an iOS6 user & want to access the Google Map, follow the following steps:

1. Go to maps.google.com in your Safari browser.

2. Click on the Share button (on the bottom middle of the screen on iPhone, at the top on iPad)

3. Click on “Add to Home Screen”

4. After clicking on the add to home screen click “Add” in the upper right corner of the screen

5. Now, simply select the icon and let Google Maps get you where you want to go!

No matter what device you use, Google Maps for mobile web browser provides you the latest features without any installation of any update.

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