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Apple All Set To Launch iPhone5 In India on 26 Oct
Apple All Set To Launch iPhone5 In India on 26 Oct

According to reports, Apple’s iPhone 5 is all set to reach Indian Consumers.  Apple’s iconic Smartphone, after initial round of globe is all set to reach the country on October 26.


According to reports, The Telecommunication companies like Aircel, Airtel and Vodafone providing SIM cards have already placed their orders for nano-SIM cards supported by iPhone 5.


The Arch rival of Apple, Samsung in Smartphone market has made inroads into India and is hovering right at the top of the country’s market.  However, things seem to have changed for India, Apple is all set to bring its latest creation to the country very soon after its worldwide launch.  Hope Apple gets its part of success in sprinkling its magic in India too with its latest offering iPhone 5.


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