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Apple Inc. -A Technology Invention Company or Not

If you are an Apple fanatic, then you surely will say Yes to that, and if you are not then your answer will be NoŁ. But, we neither are an Apple fanatic, nor an Apple hater, so we look at it in a different manner. We are interested in knowing, whether Apple actually is a technology invention company or just a company that assembles technologies developed by other companies and present them in a slim and shiny package with their name engraved on it.


So, here we look into some of the products that Apple claims of inventing, and then their actual origin. If you are an Apple fanatic, then brace yourself for some shockers, and if not then sit back and relax. Lets start with the simple icon home screen of iPhone for which Apple got immense prominence, but do you know that one year before iPhone, Sony Ericsson M610i, p700 and Pli came up with the same. Then there is the Slide to Unlock‣ feature, one of Apple’s trademark. That's vintage Apple right? Wrong? Even before the first iPhone, the Windows CE phone, which came two years before the first iPhone and was the first iteration of Windows mobile had the same functionality. • The new notification bar of the iPhone was seen on Android 1.0, 3 years before its debut on iOS. So, that also is not Apple.


The typical curved corner big touch screen with single home screen button and top speaker bar design of iPhone received great accolades at the time of debut, but even that was first seen on Samsung F700, which entered the market 6 months before iPhone. • The all-new Siri voice assistant in iPhone 4S, which became an instant hit in the market was also amalgamation of technologies from Nuance & Xiaoi Bot, for voice service and interface.


Therefore, have a look at all these technologies that you thought were a prodigy of Apple, and think again; Did the Apple actually invented all those things or just assembled the technologies from different companies and presented them in a shiny package.

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