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Apple Loses Patent Battle to iFone in Mexico
Apple Loses Patent Battle to iFone in Mexico


Things aren’t going well for the tech giant Apple. After the hugely disappointing Apple Maps, now the company has faced a defeat in a lawsuit battle against a Mexican telecom services and systems company, iFone.


According to the reports coming in, a Mexican court has denied Apple’s lawsuit against iFone’s use of phonetically alike brand, citing previous trade name registration.


The Mexican company claims that they registered the iFone trademark four years before the launch of Apple’s iPhone in back in 2007. The Mexican firm also has countersued Apple for damages, and is asking for up to 40 percent iPhone’s sales income in Mexico, apart from probably blocking the use of iPhone marquee in the country.


Apple presently owns Class 28 and Class 9 trademarks for their iPhone in Mexico, under which comes the electronic game devices. However, in their lawsuit the tech giant contested the Class 38 trademark, which was owned by iFone in Mexico, which completely covers the telecommunication services.


The iPhone technically doesn’t fall under the telecommunication, however Apple’s services like FaceTime and iMessage forms a strong base of Apple’s suit. iFone on the other hand disagreed completely, proclaiming that they were actively using the, and disenchanted Apple’s several attempt of registering their own Class 38 trademark for iPhone in Mexico.


Apple has been actively involved in the lawsuit battles for the past some years, with their victory over Samsung in the patent infringement battle being the highlight of the case. If the court bans Apple from using the iPhone trademark in Mexico, it will be a serious blow for the tech giant.

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