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Apple Maps Makes Its Way with Lots of Glitches
Apple Maps Makes Its Way with Lots of Glitches

There is a city under the ocean, there is a farm under the airport, there are highways ending nowhere and hospitals that covers an entire city. If you thought that we are narrating a sci-fi movie script, then you are mistaking. We were just telling you what we found on Apple’s new in-house Maps app.

That Apple will be dumping Google Maps and developing a new in-house maps app was widespread news. And in typical Apple product manner, the Apple maps were expected to receive great accolades at the time of their debut in Apple’s new iOS for iPhone & iPad. However, contrary to popular belief, Apple Maps has raised more concerns for the Cupertino tech giant than any of their recent offerings.

Apple introduced their in-house Maps feature sometime back and aimed it straight towards Google Inc., which is one of Apple’s friend-turned-foe.

However, contrary to the expectation the Apple Maps did not garner much love from the users when it debuted with iOS6. In fact, it attracted fury from the users across the globe. The reason behind the fury is said to be the glitches including missing information, geographical errors, and absence of features like full traffic data, public transit directions, or street view pictures that made Google Maps so popular.

Seeing the criticism across the globe Apple immediately defended their Maps saying that they are working hard to fix the glitches and that Apple maps will get better as users start using them more and more. Now, considering the fact that Maps is a cloud based service and will eventually get better with increased use of the service Apple justification makes sense. However, as per the experts fixing the glitches won’t be a smooth sailing for the tech giant.

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