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Apple Might Dump iPad 2 to Make Way for iPad Mini
Apple Might Dump iPad 2 to Make Way for iPad Mini

Among all the news related to iPad mini that we received, this is the most shocking one. While, nothing is confirmed yet, we have heard that Apple is planning to dump their iPad 2 from the product lineup in favor of alleged iPad Mini. If the rumor has any truth in it, we can see how Apple intends to price their new tablet.

As per the market pundits dumping the iPad 2 is a sensible move, considering the fact that it has been in the market for over a year and half, which by the technology standard is more than an eternity. Also, the impending iPad mini will have the same screen resolution as the iPad 2.

If Apple doesn’t discontinue their iPad 2, it will be interesting to see where they position the iPad Mini in the product lineup. This is because, their 4-inch iPod touch, is priced at $299, the iPad 2, with 9.7-inch screen has starting price of $399, which leaves very narrow gap between the products to insert a new one.

Although, if Apple is launching iPad mini to rival Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD and Google’s Nexus 7 tablets, all of which in general begins at $199, they will have to price the iPad mini less than iPod touch.

What do you think, will the arrival of iPad Mini mark the end of road for iPad 2

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