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Apple Ranked As The World’s Most Innovative Company For The Third Year In A Row
Apple Ranked As The World’s Most Innovative Company For The Third Year In A Row


According to reports, Apple again has hit the top rank in the list of most innovative company.  The company had not only grabbed top ranking, but has also increased its lead substantially.  As compared to last year, this year the company was named by almost 80% of respondents as the most innovative company in the world, up by 10% from last year.


From sources it was revealed, that the ranking is not based on the company’s spent on development and research but what matters is how R&D funds are judiciously invested in tools, talent and process.  The results show that Apple knows perfectly how to manage all these rudiments to accumulate profits along with new products in a fast- paced manner.  It was also revealed that Apple is a careful spender on R &D and ranks only 16th position within the same industry and 53rd overall amongst the Global innovation 1000.


Apple has topped the list way ahead of its competitors like Microsoft, Amazaon and Samsung with Google at 2nd place and 3M and Samsung at 3rd and 4th places respectively. Microsoft has moved down to 6th position whereas Amazon has replaced Facebook in the 10th position in the list.

Apple after the loss of its visionary co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs have come up with an unchallenged position and grown to become the most valuable company in the world.

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