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Apple Takes Responsibility for Inaccuracies in Their Maps App
Apple Takes Responsibility for Inaccuracies in Their Maps App

Apple has been receiving more criticism than ownership over their latest Maps app launched with iOS 6. While, the Maps app impressed the onlookers at the time of its demo, its debut was surrounded by the reports of several glitches and inaccuracies that it had. However, it seems Apple have had enough of all the criticism and has stood up for their Maps app.

In their statement citing the inaccuracies in their Maps app, Apple said it’s our product and we will put in as much manpower and hard work as needed to make it accurate. Speaking at the accuracy of the Maps app, the company said that close to 99 percent of the data in their Maps app is accurate.

The admission of the glitches in the maps app came on the heels an earlier statement from the company, which was more like a thank-you note for the cynics rather than an acknowledgement, which stated that there are flaws in the product.

While, Apple will be reworking on fixing the glitches on their Maps app, its heard that Google will be introducing the street view feature on to their browser-based maps version, which will allow everyone (yes, iPhone users too) to see street level imagery without the need of downloading any app.

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