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Apple Unveils iPad Mini with Starting Price Of $329
Apple Unveils iPad Mini with Starting Price Of $329


Finally Apple entered the small tablet market with the unveiling of their iPad Mini. Launching the product Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said, “We kept our promise and hope that you agree."


The smaller variant of Apple’s iconic iPad will rival other smaller tablets from Google, Amazon, and Samsung.


The iPad Mini was unveiled by Apple's senior VP of marketing, Phil Schiller, who introduced it saying, "This is iPad mini," at the Apple event in San Jose.


Further, he added that it’s just not the shrunken variant of iPad, but is a completely new design.


The new iPad mini boasts a 7.9-inch touchscreen (diagonally) as oppose to the 9.7-inch of the original iPad.


The 16-GB iPad Mini with Wi-Fi is priced at $329 dollars, while going for the 16-GB iPad Mini with both cellular capability and Wi-Fi will cost you $459.


The top-end 64-GB iPad Mini with cellular connectivity & Wi-Fi will cost you $659. The iPad mini also features front- and rear-facing cameras just like the original iPad.


Despite the smaller screen, the resolution of the iPad Mini’s screen is the same as the present iPad.


Speaking at the event, Schiller told that the pre-ordering of the iPad Mini will begin from October 26, with the Wi-Fi variants entering the market on November 2 in around 36 countries in Europe and Asia along with United States. We haven’t heard the names of the countries and hence the availability date in India is not known.


The iPad mini is only 7.2-mm thick & weighs 0.68 pounds. The new iPad mini will be available in both white and black models.


The iPad Mini might be smaller in size, but there has been no compromise made on the front of functionality and all the software of original iPad will run on it.


Going by the looks and the features, the iPad mini is an incredible innovation from Apple, just as Apple chief executive Tim Cook promised earlier this year.

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