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Apple Wins $1.051 Billion From Samsung In Legal Battle

Apple has swept a legal victory over their archrival Samsung in the patent infringement case. The US jury found Samsung guilty of copying some critical features of Apple’s incredibly popular iPad and iPhone, and has asked them to pay Apple $1.051 billion in damages. The verdict on the lawsuit could cause a straight ban on the sales of major Samsung products, which certainly will strengthen the dominance of Apple in the fast expanding international mobile market. Following the lawsuit verdict, Apple now will be eyeing many other companies that sells Google’s Android based smartphones and might drag them to court as well. The two technology giants might be locking horns in the legal battle, but it should be known that the two companies share a supply relation of over $5 billion. Apple, not only is Samsung’s biggest rival, but also is their biggest customers for microprocessors and several other key parts of their devices. Also, just before Apple won the patent lawsuit in US, in an another event a Seoul District court held Apple guilty of infringing two of Samsung’s mobile-data transfer patents. Therefore, both the electronic majors have won their lawsuits against each other in their respective homes.

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