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Apple’s iOS6 To Include New 3D Mapping and Dump Google Maps

The coming WWDC of Apple in June could very well mark the end of Google Maps with their new iOS6 for Apple devices. According to the reports coming in, Apple will be incorporating a much faster and reliable 3D mapping system in their impending iOS6 and will demo it at the WWDC in June. Apple has never shared a great camaraderie with Google over the time, and with Apple acquiring some major mapping-associated firms like Poly9, PlaceBase, and C3 Technologies, the parting ways with Google Maps didn’t come as a shocker. However, the 3D aspect of the impending mapping system surely is a surprise. The 3D mapping will supposedly be based on the work done by C3 technologies, which Apple has been looking at in the past. If Apple successfully implements the 3D tech shown in C3 Technologies’ video, the navigation in Apple’s iOS 6 surely will redefine mapping systems. The rumors of Apple developing a mapping system for their iOS’ has been floating for quite a while, but today’s report has confirmed all that and has given the definite timeframe for the demo of Apple’s new Mapping system.

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