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Apple heading towards the next iPhone and iOS
Apple heading towards the next iPhone and iOS

Apple heading towards the next iPhone and iOS

Apple’s next generation iPhone and iOS is currently under development according sources. Developers have contacted the website to share information about the new iPhone identifier and the next ...big operating system iOS 7 update for the Smartphone and tablet device.

The current generation iPhone, iPhone 5, bears the identifiers ‘iPhone5.1′ and ‘iPhone 5.2′ depending on the LTE model of the handset and the 4G bands on which it operates.

Although it’s possible that the OS and device data can be faked, the unique IP footprint leading back to Apple’s Cupertino campus leads us to believe that this is not one of those attempts.

Last year, Apple introduced iOS 6 at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference in June. The software was released to the public in late September along with the launch of the iPhone 5.

If Apple follows the same release pattern this year, it’s possible that the iOS 7 will be formally introduced and provided in beta form to developers in about six months, with the launch of a next-generation iPhone less than four months after that. Apple had began working on the new version of iOS 7 and is soon to finalize the features that will be included in its first public release.

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