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Apple iPad mini Enters Production
Apple iPad mini Enters Production

Apple has started production of their “cheaper & smaller”  iPad version, iPad Mini, tells the experts familiar with the subject.

According to reports coming in, the iPad mini with 7.85-in of display screen has already entered the manufacturing lines and is expected to hit the market shelves very soon.

The 7.85-in display that Apple iPad mini will be using is being supplied by LG & AUO. The smaller screen will have resolution pretty much on the lines of 1024 x 768, unlike the stunning 2048 x 1536 of the new iPad.

This isn’t the first time when we’ve heard of the iPad mini & as expected, the news created big splash in the market every time it surfaced. However, the success of iPad mini will largely depend on the price range at which apple is offering it. Enter Your News Here

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