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Apple iPhone 5 - Know It Closely
Apple iPhone 5 - Know It Closely

Putting an end to all the speculations, rumors, and hype surrounding their next-gen iPhone, Apple finally launched their much-anticipated iPhone 5. Yes, it is called iPhone 5.

The big event from Apple also marked the launch of Apple’s new iPods, plethora of updates to iTunes and next variant of their mobile OS, iOS 6. However, we will cover them all one-by-one, so let’s start with iPhone 5, which had your heads spinning for quite a while.

From the looks, it becomes clear that the iPhone 5 is comparatively bigger than its precursor. The new iPhone flaunts a bigger 4-inch display screen with 1,136 x 640-screen resolution, which by the way is 18 percent more pixels than iPhone 4S and makes it qualify as “retina.”

The iPhone 5 is 7.2 mm, or 0.28 inch thin (18% thinner than previous iPhone 4S) and weighs 3.95 ounces (20% percent lighter than iPhone 4S). Therefore, clearly it’s slimmer and lighter than the previous iterations of iPhone. However, the thin and light body conceals Apple’s latest A6 processor, which delivers graphics performance twice as fast as Apple’s A5 chip. It makes iPhone 5, fastest among all the iPhones and apparently most smartphones in the market. Therefore, it is the thinnest, lightest, & fastest iPhone ever.

The iPhone 5 has upgraded 8-megapixel camera, which this time around delivers enhanced low-light performance and has built-in panorama mode. In order to keep it slim and light Apple has trimmed some of the components of the new iPhone, because of which the iPhone 5 supports Nano SIM. To give you a perspective of Nano SIM, let us tell you that it is 44-percent smaller than micro SIM. For faster data transfer iPhone 5 supports 4G / LTE data networks.

The new iPhone 5 marks the end of Apple’s decade old 30-pin connector, which as per Tim Cook has served the company well since its introduction back in 2003. The 30-Pin doc connector gets replaced by a new “Lightning” connector. The new “Lightning” connector has an eight-signal, all-digital design, which is considerably sturdier than the 30-pin connector. However, the thing that impressed us most is that it can be used either ways (its reversible), which means there is no wrong way of plugging it in. In addition, just with the help of an adapter for this new connector, you can use it with any of your pre-owned accessories.

The Apple iPhone 5 has starting price of $199 for its 16GB variant, while the 32GB & 64GB will cost you $299 & $399 respectivley. The iPhone 5 will go on sale starting from September 21.

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