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Apple iPhone 5 – Things to Know, before You Buy
Apple iPhone 5 – Things to Know, before You Buy

Apple’s iPhone 5 has been in the news ever since it was launched two weeks ago. However, not many aspiring buyers got their hands around it.


Now, while the expectation regarding iPhone 5 is soaring high, we take a closer look at the good, the bad, & the meh of the latest Apple product to let you make your decision, before you shell out big bucks for it.  


·        Design: In terms of design, we will have to say that Apple has just outdone them. While many think it is just long, we say, it is long, slim, sleek, light and practical.


·        Speed: The Apple iPhone 5 is fast. Really, Fast. The combination of LTE and new A6 processor delivers immaculate performance.  Irrespective of the connection speeds, the iPhone 5 is fast and all through our testing, we never observed any lag.


·        Build: The Apple iPhone 5 can comfortably withstand some accidental drops, which we think is something never seen before.  However, it still is not as strong as Nokia phones.



·        Camera: The camera of iPhone 5 is one of its biggest turnoffs. While the iPhone 4 did job as good as any small digital camera, the camera of iPhone 5 suffers from multiple deficiencies. One of the biggest of them all is the purple hazing that many of our images suffered from


·        iOS 6: Apple’s iOS6 is their latest Operating System, and like any other operating system it has its own share of glitches. One of the biggest of them all is the Apple Maps app.  Apple has faced severe criticism over dumping the Google Maps, the glitches in the Apple maps just made it worse.  However, Apple has apologized for the glitches and has recommended users to use their rivals’ maps; we do not think it will be easier for the tech giant to fix the glitches in their maps anytime soon.


If you are waiting for your iPhone 5 these are certain aspects that will help you understand what to expect from the handset.Enter Your News Here

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