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Apple iPhone 5S release date unveils
Apple iPhone 5S release date unveils


Apple has revealed the launch date of its much-awaited smartphone, the Apple iPhone 5S. Reports suggest that, the iPhone 5S may retail in three colorways.


As per the recent leaked documents, iPhone 5S will be announced on June 20 and will hit the stores in July. The document also calls the device iPhone 5S, giving credence to speculation saying that the phone will not be named iPhone 6. 


This internal document states that the device will get an upgraded 13MP camera, as compared to the 8MP unit used in its predecessor. The phone will run on iOS 7, it states.


Previously, a Chinese website leaked the first photos of iPhone 5S under production. It has been said that the upcoming smartphone will feature a 13MP camera, snappier processor, fingerprint recognition sensor and more powerful LED flash.


Further to the multiple colors report, July is looking as though it could be the magical month for the big launch of both the iPhone 5S and budget iPhone.

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