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Apple iPhone 5S rumours round-up
Apple iPhone 5S rumours round-up

Apple iPhone 5S rumours round-up

The iPhone 5S rumours are picking up steam about the release date, features and design.

Apple is working on the next iPhone, and based on the company’s past actions and naming schemes it is very likely that the iPhone 5S will arrive this year.

We’ve heard quite a few iPhone 5S rumors so far, mixed in with rumors of an iPhone 6 with a massive 5-inch display and rumors of a cheap iPhone for developing countries. While the iPhone 6 may indeed feature a larger screen it would b surprising to see it launch in 2013. Summer 2013 keeps coming up as the rumored iPhone 5S release date.

The iPhone 5S will almost keep the same 4-inch display size as the iPhone 5 with the same 1136 x 640 resolution.

Apple will likely release an iPhone 5S with a very much similar like the iPhone 5. Not only is this how Apple has handled past ‘S’ model phone launches, but analysts are already claiming Apple plans to keep the design much the same.

The iPhone 5S is also expected to include better camera. The iPhone 5S will most likely launch with IOS 7, the next version of Apple’s iPhone software. There are no words on pricing as of now.

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