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Apple patent reveals new details about iWatch
Apple patent reveals new details about iWatch

Apple patent reveals new details about iWatch

A patent filed by Apple in August 2011 reveals the company's plans for a device that can display content from other Apple devices and be worn like a wristwatch. The patent describes that the iWatch will feature a slap bracelet mechanism that will wrap itself around the wearer's wrist. The iWatch will also comprise of a flexible display that will change the visible area according to the size of the wearer’s wrist.

The iWatch will not just act as a display but will also be able to provide basic interaction that could let the wearer browse and control music playlists, go through call and text notifications and even reply to a text using a virtual keyboard. 

Apple also plans to include a kinetic energy gathering mechanism and solar panels so that the wearer's movements and ambient light would be enough to power the device. Apple also plans to utilize AMOLED technology to ensure that the display on the iWatch isn't power-hungry. The iWatch is expected to mostly rely on wireless connectivity but may also feature ports for wired charging and syncing.

With Google Glass also on the horizon, it looks like wearable computing will be an important trend in the near future.

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