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Apple to Roll a Small & Low-Priced iPad to Counter Google's Nexus 7 Tablet
Apple to Roll a Small & Low-Priced iPad to Counter Google's Nexus 7 Tablet

Apple might be rolling out a small & low-priced iPad, says an inside report. This new iPad will rival Google’s Nexus 7 tablet in the market and is expected to enter the market by year-end. This new variant of iPad will boast a display screen measuring 7 to 8 inches diagonally. The current iPad has a 9.7-in display screen. The new iPad, won’t have the HD (high-definition) display screen that we saw on the recently launched iPad. If, and when this small and low priced iPad enters the market, it will intensify the war of dominance in the tablet world among Apple, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. Microsoft recently announced their Surface tablet, which also is expected to enter the market soon. Considering the intensifying war in the tablet market, this alleged iPad is expected to have a price tag closer to Nexus 7 tablet of Google and Kindle Fire of Amazon. It should be known that both these tablets have a 7-in screens and costs $199. According to the market pundits, this smaller and low-priced iPad could turn out to be a nightmare for its rivals. Since the launch of first iPad back in April 2010, Apple has been a reigning leader in the tablet market, which is expected to reach around $66.4 billion customers by this year-end. According to a research firm, Apple holds around 61% of the tablet market share.

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