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Around 25 percent Google Play Store Android Apps Are Suspicious
Around 25 percent Google Play Store Android Apps Are Suspicious


According to the latest reports coming in, around 25 percent of Android apps in Google’s Play Store are suspicious. The report suggests that out of the 400, 000 Android apps listed with Google’s Play Store, around 100,000 apps are suspicious.


The report was developed after going through the categories, permissions, ratings, publishers, and prominence for the overall trustworthiness of the every mobile app. According to the report, most of the Android apps uses minimum of one permission, which gives them the access to the functionality or the private data of the smartphone. However, not only the permissions that the app ask for, but also whether those permissions make sense for the nature of the application or not. For instance, a social media app asking for the access to e-mail contacts is way less suspicious than a wallpaper apps asking the same.


The report however, didn’t said that all the 25 percent apps are malicious, instead, it means that a heavy number of mobile apps are getting access to information more than they need and more than the people realize. This becomes a big problem when the devices using these apps have personal or corporate data stored on to them. So, no matter which app you are using, evaluate the permissions asked by them in a proper manner and protect yourself for any sort of suspicious activity. 

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