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Asus launched VivoBook S550CM
Asus launched VivoBook S550CM

Asus launched VivoBook S550CM

The latest ultra book VivoBook S550CM was announced today by Asus. It hosts an unusually large 15.6” touch screen display which is run on Windows 8 operating system. It is one of the few ultra books to be equipped with an optical drive. On the design front, it is pretty sleek with its brushed aluminum finish. It encompasses hair-line spun textured metal surfaces. It is powered by Intel Core i5 processor paired with an NVIDIA GeForce GT 635M GTU. Besides, it is integrated with 4 GB of RAM.

Moreover, Asus adds that the ultra book has a responsive touch screen which means users can slide their fingers from edge to edge. Asus Smart Gesture technology is made use to augment the ultra book. Improved touch input actions like tapping, dragging, scrolling, zooming, clicking are supported by the touch pad on Asus VivoBook S550. The Smart Gesture technology amalgamates hardware and software optimization giving way to new standard in touch fidelity.

It is claimed that VivoBook S550 provides you with deeper and richer bass, true to life surround, wider audio range, distinct vocals, powerful output and clarity. It is endowed with large speakers and resonance chambers, with exclusive Asus AudioWizard. Besides, the cloud based web storage lets the user access all photos, documents, videos and music from any device with instant file synchronization.

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