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Be A Photo-Pro With Canon’s On Camera Tutorials

People with expensive dSLR cameras is becoming a common site in current times. However, most of these people who own a dSLR don’t know what they are doing. All they do is, just put the settings on automatic and home to get the best out of it. But that’s not how it’s suppose to be, if you own a powerful photography device, you should always try and make the most of it. Having said that, it’s not easy getting accustomed to the functions of a dSLR. This is why Canon has decided to offer free, downloadable tutorials for the users to make them understand the functioning of their dSLR cameras. The tutorials for all Canon cameras and accessories are available on Canon’s product page. Be it the lenses, the Speedlites, the compact camera or the point-and-shoot cameras you can get tutorials for all of them. All these tutorials can be downloaded to memory cards to get them running next time the camera is started. The instructions given are mainly visual, and displays which button and control function you need to click to get the best results corresponding to what you intend to do. Now, while all that sounds pretty tempting, you should keep in mind that in order to get all those on-screen tutorials you will need a lot of memory as the file size for those tutorials start at around 150 MB each, and every tutorial covers only a single function. Whether you are a complete naïve to dSLRs or only have a couple of questions in mind, these tutorials can help you significantly.

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