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Belkin Unveils Accessories for Apple
Belkin Unveils Accessories for Apple


Belkin, the California based consumer electronics manufacturing company has released industry’s first; third –party accessories with Lightning cable for iPad tablets, iPhone 5 and latest iPod.


According to reports, the first third party devices includes slim-profile Belkin Car Charger for Lightning (10W, 2.1A) with 4” cable and overvoltage protection compatible with, iPad 5, iPod Touch, iPad mini and  iPhone 5 as well as Belkin Charge + Sync Dock for iPhone 5 with Lightning connector and audio-out port. 


It was also revealed that Apple is willing to certify all the third-party devices, which was first implemented in iPhone and is also presented in iPad and iPad mini.


The Lightning connectors have got amazing features which includes new levels of interconnection speed and can be easily plugged in.  From research’ report it’s found that Apple has specially included an authentication chip into each cable, which enables dynamic assignments of cable’s pins.


Belkin gives a reliable way to Apple users to keep their iPad touch, iPhone and iPad mini protected, charged and ready to go.  The company is well known for creating solutions to complement the Apple ecosystem and is trusted in creating innovative accessories that protects and enhances the products.

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