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Beware While Surfing The Internet; You Could Be Traced
Beware While Surfing The Internet; You Could Be Traced

A huge number of people are social networking nowadays unaware of the online application developers and private detectives who claim that they can trace down where a person lives using their online chatters.

In the month of March Apple prohibited the download a mobile app namely “stalker” which all the men could use to find out where all the women spend most of their time, with the help of readily accessible information from social networking sites

As said by the online investigators, the various other mobile apps that are already there in the market can do much more than this.

Suppose a person tweets on Twitter or uploads an image to an image-hosting site Flickr, then his/her geo-location information may keep hovering over the tweets or images. These information could be used to trace down the individual’s home address, where do they go to study etc.

Few social networking websites have an option of disabling the view of the geolocation. However, sites like Foursquare and Gowalla rely on this information. But for parents who keep worrying where their children are, mobile applications that utilize the geolocation can be very useful. FamilyTracker and Life360 are two such apps.

United States (US) and European Union (EU) regulators insist that internet should have an option that can stop the websites from collecting their information and datas. After such considerations by the US and the EU we can hope for a secured surfing on the internet.

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