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Bharti Airtel Blocked The Network to Messages From It’s Rivals Aircel And Reliance
Bharti Airtel Blocked The Network to Messages From It’s Rivals Aircel And Reliance

Bharti Airtel Blocked The Network to Messages From It’s Rivals Aircel And Reliance 

As the festival of light is in full swing, the largest telecom company Bharti Airtel has blocked the networks to incoming messages from its rivals Aircel 

and Reliance Communications.

According to reports, the company has forcibly done this after the two companies started flooding its network with free Spam messages, which in turn was affecting the quality of service on Airtel’s network.

On the other side reports revealed that Aircel and Realiance claims that Airtel is resorting to pressure tactics just before the festival to force them to pay more towards SMS termination charge.

If sources are to be believed, the Relaince communications who offers services on both CDMA and GSM technology platform has also slammed Airtel for taking this action on the issue that was sub judice before Supreme Court and also under Trai regulations. The Airtel’s on their end defended the move by saying that they don’t want to allow the misuse of their network and compromise on the quality of the services provided by them to the customer’s during festival. The company’s may take the dispute to court.

According to Aircel, Bharti Airtel had asked them to sign a bilateral interconnect agreement, according to which 10 paisa per SMS will be charged to a non-Airtel customer, which will significantly increase the cost for its user’s and that’s the reason they resisting on it.

If you go back and see the issue which started back in Nov 2011, when Airtel had demanded Aircel to pay 10 paisa for each SMS terminating on its network. After that Airtel had raised a bill of about 25 crore from April to October 2011 and asked them to pay the amount by the end of the month. 

Aircel then approached to TDSAT (telecom tribunal) claiming that the dues are illegal and without any base. Later the TDSAT ruled in favour of Airtel. Aircel then challenged the verdict in Supreme Court.

According to reports, Airtel has sent many reminders to all the operators on SMS termination rates. Court had ordered that SMS termination charges had to be paid in spite of this some operators are not paying the same, which contradicts the court orders.

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