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BlackBerry 10 to Be Laptop Killer, Says RIM
BlackBerry 10 to Be Laptop Killer, Says RIM

If things go well, you might want to bid-adieu to your laptops in around 3 – 5 years. At least that is what RIM is expecting. Call it optimism or confidence, but according to folks at RIM, their impending BlackBerry 10 will make the laptops obsolete in near future. In one of their statement, RIM bosses said that the BlackBerry devices would be a portable brain, which could be plugged into any PC, consequently omitting the need of a laptop.


At an event wielding a Blackberry 10 device, it was stated that just to avail bigger display screens and keyboards you don’t have to carry bigger devices. Instead, the new BlackBerry devices will function as a digital brain, which will allow you plug into workstations anywhere you intend to work.


It should also be known that the new BlackBerry 10 handsets doesn’t have a Home button, as you will not have to return to Homescreen for switching apps. Instead, you will be able to switch between apps just with a tap of the thumb. Blackberry 10 devices will have messages integrated across the system to let you see texts, emails and social updates from your contacts right next to their names in the address book app and can even see all the recent activities associated with their firm.


The next-gen BlackBerry devices will enter the market in New Year with the BlackBerry 10 OS being unveiled on 30 January, alongside the first two handsets powered by BlackBerry 10 devices. The new handsets are expected to enter market in February. One of the two handsets is expected to have a complete touchscreen, while the other one will flaunt the trademark QWERTY keypad.

Whether the BlackBerry 10 devices turns out to be a laptop killer or not, will be seen once, they enter the market as for now we know that RIM has a lot riding on this new crop of BlackBerry handsets.


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