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Blackberry Will stay No. 3 : RIM’s Strong faith in BB10
Blackberry Will stay No. 3 : RIM’s Strong faith in BB10

Research In Motion is banking big on their impeding BB10 series, which is expected to help them retain the 3rd position in the global mobile market.

RIM’s management does not expect to beat Apple but they are not considering Windows phone 8 as their serious competitor.

According to research source, RIM’s Blackberry currently commands 4.8% in market share where as Androids & Apple maintain 68.1% and 16.9% respectively.

In this age of advanced technology, Apple iOS and Google Android had dethroned RIM’s Blackberry and Nokia’s Symbian handset, who once had ruled the Smartphone market.

RIM had not given up they are still working on BB10 operating system. BB10 is going to come in light in early 2013.

BB10 will have the features of the level of Android & iOS. Blackberry has a unique trump i.e. enterprise – class email solutions.

It’s very clear that RIM wants to fight Microsoft to maintain their third place in the market. Nokia, HTC, Samsung, and Huawei support Microsoft. Only RIM makes the Blackberry devices and they are different among them

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