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Bye Bye Mobile Roaming Charges Welcome Full Mobile Number Portability

Just a couple of weeks back we reported that the new National Telecom Policy is likely to bring full mobile number portability, and here we are now, reporting the arrival of full mobile number portability. On Thursday, 31st of May 2012, the Indian government passed the new National Telecom Policy 2012, which intends to eradicate roaming charges, consequently allowing the customers to use the same number all over the country without paying extra for it. The Department of Telecom (DoT) will begin work on implementing the complete mobile number portability, which will let the users retain their mobile numbers when they shift their residence from one state to other. Having said that, the implementation of the policy will take some time and hence the customers will have to wait for some time before they begun enjoying the one-nation-one-number policy.

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