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Canadian Firm Denmark Ltd. Launches Wearable Mouse : Air Mouse
Canadian Firm Denmark Ltd. Launches Wearable Mouse : Air Mouse


In this age of advanced technology, the use of Information technology is increasing day by day.  According to research reports the excessive use of mouse causes repetitive stress injuries.  To avoid these injuries various alternatives are there and one of them is Air Mouse, which has been designed to be easier on the arms and hands as well as increases mousing accuracy and speed as well.


The Canadian firm Denmark Ltd. has come up with this interesting mouse, which you can wear like a glove.  You can run Air mouse for a week without charging and it utilizes an optical laser.  It works by aligning itself with the ligaments of your wrist and hand, which lets you keep your hand in a neutral position and transmits more of your vector force as compared to regular mouse.  Air mouse has been designed to remain inactive until users hand is placed in a flat, neutral position, which allows going back and forth easily between mousing and typing.


The market is full of other ergonomic designs, which have strayed the consumers from traditional flat, one dimensional mousing style.  Air mouse with its amazing specifications and easy to use quality will gain its part of glory satisfying its user’s demand.

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