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Canon EOS 6D: Small, User-Friendly Full-Frame Camera Now Available at www.beyondtime.in

Canon is all set to take on Nikon’s earlier-announced D600, with their EOS 6D. Priced almost identical to Nikon D600, Canon's EOS 6D is a full-frame prosumer dSLR camera, but comes with a completely different set of features. Unlike the Nikon’s offering, Canon EOS D6 doesn’t have many professional-centered features, but it does have two major consumer-friendly features in the form of en suite GPS and Wi-Fi.

Canon EOS 6D

In terms of features, the Canon EOS 6D is more favorable to nonprofessionals -- and in certain ways for pros as well. The EOS 6D comes fitted with the same Digic5+ processor and metering system just as the 5DM3. There also is a new autofocus system, which we think should be better than the previous cameras and is expected to be a lot more sensitive than the previous Canon models so far. However, the camera still is a single Center point cross type.

Even in terms of speed the EOS 6D is a tad faster than the 5DM2. Overall, with its en suite GPS and Wi-Fi, a tad extra dim-light responsive autofocus and rime code support in the movies mode, makes the Canon EOS 6D a superb alternative for the modern photography fanatics who have just began their journey into the professional photography world. If you are thinking of beginning your journey then pre-book your Canon EOS 6D from www.beyondtime.in here http://goo.gl/7zWmG

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