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Canon Powershot SX160: Capture The Action With Tiny Details
Canon Powershot SX160: Capture The Action With Tiny Details

Canon’s new SX160 is a perfect choice for photo loving people, with a superb combination of video maker and photo quality. Sx160 has a compact design, which makes it easy to carry around. This mid-range super zoom camera caters the photography aficionados.

Canon SX160 is perfect for everyday use with powerful 16 x optical zoom range up to 28 mm wide up to 448 mm, which uses a full range of optical zoom without sacrificing its HD resolution. It has impressive features such as DIGIC 4imag processor and Canon’s Intelligent IS system, which provides ultimate functionality in a camera. SX 160 makes it easy to shoot video due to the presence of start and stop button for recording HD video’s instantly. It has a got a beautiful 3.0-inch LCD displays and is powered by AA batteries, which is available red and black colour.

Overall, the Canon SX 160 is a versatile camera with impressive features and an attractive design. You can pre-order your Canon Powershot SX160 from www.beyondtime.in here http://goo.gl/CjhkV

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