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Canon introduces ‘Scan-tini’ Portable Scanner
Canon introduces ‘Scan-tini’ Portable Scanner

Canon introduces ‘Scan-tini’ Portable Scanner

When you imagine of a scanner, a large standalone device on your desk comes in mind. As scanners have become an integral component of multifunction printers, standalone units are less in demand. But one type of standalone scanner is still popular, the portable scanner.

Canon just added a new portable scanner image FORMULA P-208 to its ‘Scan-tini’ lineup. It is great for digitizing your receipts, bills, business cards, and anything you want to get rid of in paper form. Only about 2-inches wide and a bit longer than a sheet of paper, the P-208 is powered via USB, so there’s no heavy power supply to weigh you down. 

The slim form factor and light weight make it easy to carry. The bundled Canon CaptureOnTouch software allows you scan directly to cloud applications including Evernote and Google Docs. It also includes optical character recognition (OCR) software to turn scanned documents into files that can be edited in a word processor, which is a huge time-saver for anybody who has ever had to manipulate text.

If you use the P-208 with Canon’s recently announced WU10 Wireless Adapter and Battery Pack, you can transmit scanned files wirelessly to Windows and Mac PCs, as well as to smartphones and tablets by using the additional free Canon CaptureOnTouch Mobile app.

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