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Canon revealís X MARK I - Multi-function Presenter
Canon revealís X MARK I - Multi-function Presenter

Canon reveal’s X MARK I - Multi-function Presenter

Canon expands its premium X MARK I calculator series with the launch of the X MARK I Presenter. Along with Canon’s stylish, classic design and environmental credentials, the X MARK I Prese...nter offers business executives a versatile, multi-function calculator which also function’s as a wireless presenter, pointer and timer.

The X MARK I Presenter provides professionals with a creative 4-in-1 device which acts as a presenter, pointer, calculator and timer. It helps the user to solve mathematical calculations and also has a red laser pointer, timer and remote control for presentations.
This device fits easily into your pocket and is easy to carry. The X MARK I Presenter is an apt choice for business travelers allowing themto present professionally by scrolling backward and forward through slides on both Windows PowerPoint and Mac Keynote presentations.

Enabling users to draw attention to important messages on-screen, the red laser pointer can be activated at the touch of a button. Keeping track of time is easy, as the count-down and count-up timer indicates how much time the presenter has got, while the overrun facility identifies when the presenter has exceeded the allocated time. A mark-up function allows users to easily calculate profits and costs while presenting.

The X MARK I Presenter has a clear LCD display which can show up to eight digits and it boasts of a slim, lightweight body which gives a very comfortable grasp.

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