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Changes in Android Devices Anticipated in 2013
Changes in Android Devices Anticipated in 2013

The year 2012 was a great one for Android ecosystem and has become a dominant force in open source OS.2013 is right around the corner and the year seems to have a whole new generation of Android devices. After an expected strong showing at CES, the next few months we will be able to see new smartphones and tablets. Let’s take a look at what we can expect from Android in the upcoming year.

If sharper and larger screen fascinates you of android devices then watch out in 2013 as it continues to grow it’s display size. Untill recently, most smartphones screens were around4 inches. Up Until HTC Evo 4G,most of the android phones were having 3.2 0r 3.5 inches display size .However, Samsung came up with Galaxy S3(4.8 inches) and Galaxy Note 2(5.5 inches) which have made consumers more used to larger screens.

Users will continue to see all sorts of sizes but the standard size will fall around 4.5 inches. Apart from the increased screen size, sharper resolution will be another change that we will see. HTC brought out the trend of 1080p resolution with its Droid DNA but now about every handset maker is reportedly functioning on 5 inches 1080p HD display for their premium products.

Companies such as Qualcomm and Nvidia are striving towards quad-core devices and it’s expected that Android will also have quad-core 1.5GHz processor or higher with some devices even hitting 2.0 GHz by the end of the year. For users who love to play 3D games, faster processors are the important requirement which Android aims to accomplish.

One more area where you can see improvement is your phone memory and storage. In 2012 2GB RAM appeared to be the top-of-the line memory experience, whereas in 2013 you will able to see it leading toward 3GB RAM. Storage capacities will seem to improve in a big way in 2013. In the current Android devices, 32GB for mid-range and 64GB for high-end are common. OEMs are expected to raise internal storage to 128GB in 2013.

Entry-level phone will profit, as today’s top devices will actively become tomorrow’s entry-level phones with this great effect of technology in Android. Dual-core processors will come to your basic phones and surely that will make it an impressive hardware.
Further, Samsung is rumored to launch Galaxy S4 flagship phone at a standalone press event and Google I/O at Google’s annual developer conference in May.2013 will be an assertive year for Android ecosystem and the mobile OS will definitely maintain its mobile supremacy.

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