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Crysis 3 multiplayer beta kicks off
Crysis 3 multiplayer beta kicks off

Crysis 3 multiplayer beta kicks off

The Crysis 3 multiplayer beta kicked off today on consoles and PC. The beta is available on the Xbox 360, the PlayStation 3 and the PC. You can level up to rank 10, and customize your Nanosuit with different weapons, attachments, and suit modules. 

Ending on February 12 the Crysis 3 multiplayer beta will feature two of the eight modes included in Crysis 3, Crash Site and Hunter mode. In Crash Site players must secure and defend specific locations, earning points along the way for kills and their ability to hold those locations, while the all-new time based Hunter mode pits two players vs. ten (two vs. 14 on PC) in matches that begin with two cloaked hunters stalking 10 opposing CELL troopers. The Crysis 3 multiplayer beta will also showcase two of the game’s twelve visually stunning maps, Airport and Museum. 

"Crysis 3 is absolutely maxing out the consoles. There is absolutely not even 1 percent left. No game will ever look technically better than Crysis 3 on these consoles, flat out. Most games are not even anywhere near Crysis 2 technically," reports said. "I’m not talking about art style–art is subjective–but the pure fact of what we have been cramming in with Crysis 2 on Xbox and PlayStation, I’ve yet to see a game do that still today."

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