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Dutch Firm Makes Touchscreen Companionable Leather Gloves
Dutch Firm Makes Touchscreen Companionable Leather Gloves

It’s getting chilly with every passing day and taking off gloves to answer a phone call is getting annoying. But it seems that very soon we will have a solution to it and you will be able to answer your phones without getting your fingers frozen.


According to a latest report, a Dutch screen-manufacturing firm is developing Leather Touchscreen Gloves. These Touchscreen gloves not only will save your fingers from getting frostbite, but also will let you tap the touchscreen for accessing your phone. These Ethiopian lambskin gloves make use of nanotechnology, which makes them compatible to touchscreen and have immunity against water and wind.


In their description of the gloves, the company said that the standard leather gloves don’t work with standard touchscreens, but that’s not the case with these gloves. The leather gloves work spotlessly with almost every touchscreen because of its revolutionary nanotechnology.


The nanotechnology on the gloves works independently, which makes it possible for us to insulate the gloves completely with a layer of 100 percent wool lining.


We haven’t heard any confirmation from the company regarding the arrival of these gloves in the mainstream market, however it seems an incredible advancement in the touchscreen technology world.

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