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Easy Steps To Add Google Maps Web App On Apple iOS 6
Easy Steps To Add Google Maps Web App On Apple iOS 6

Apple has been more in news since they had launched their iPhone 5, but sadly not for good reasons. The Map app in iPhone 5 is full of glitches which have been sorted out to some extent but still Apple is facing criticism after dumping Google Map app.   The alternate for iPhone users to get rid of map glitches is Google Maps Web App.  Though Google Map application is completely off the iTunes store, users can experience Google Maps Web App in place of the native app.  that features as the Google Maps native application does.  You can see your current locations, information on nearby landmarks and other points of interest.

From the sources it was revealed that Apple has apologized for the errors in Map app and has recommended its users to use their rival Google and Nokia map app.

If you want to install Google Maps Web App in your iOS 6 device following are the easy steps to install Google Maps Web App on your device running on iOS 6.


·       From your device application menu select to open the Safari browser app.


·       Navigate to maps.google.com



·       After navigation, browser will load the web version of Google Maps.  Once the application is loaded it will prompt you to install Google Maps Web App.

·       Select ‘add selection to Home Screen’ by pressing the option key.


·       Now, the screen will display the name and icon of the application, you can edit the name.  After finishing this press ‘add’ button on the upper side of the screen.


·       Google maps icon is visible on your screen whenever you want to navigate just open the app using icon.


Use the App and experience the best of both worlds.  We don’t think it will be easy task for Apple to overcome the glitches in their Map App soon

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