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Facebook Brings New Messenger For Android
Facebook Brings New Messenger For Android


Social media major Facebook has introduced a new messenger app for the Andorid smartphone users. This new messenger will let users who doent even have a Facebook account send and recive instant messages from and to any user having a phone number.


The social networking giant already has joined hands with all the global carriers and handset manufacturers for the launch of the service.


In their statement regarding the launch of the new servcie, facebook said that this messenger will letr the users sign up only using their name and phone number, so as to send instand messages to their phone’s contact immediately.


This messenger as for now has been laucnhed only for Android devices and will be initially avaialble in India, Indonesia, Australia, Venezuela, and South Africa, followed by several other countries.


Facebook told that the expansion is being done to elevate the overall experience of this newly launched messenger, by giving users a facility to connect with the contacts in their phone list. This is being done simply by introducing certain significantly new features, which lets the user send and receive messages, from and to anyone that has a phone number, and not only to the ones that have a Facebook account.


The new Facebook Messenger is a separate mobile app and can be downloaded for free. The messenger will not require any special data plan and will make use of the current data plan only. The users who doesn’t have the messenger will get the chats and messages delivered into their Facebook account and the users who don’t have a Facebook account will get messages delivered in inbox.


The update for Facebook Messenger for Android is presently avaialble in market, however, the Messenger account facility will be avialable in coming few weeks. Cosnidering the fact that facebook has over 50 million users in India it certainly is a great news and a new mode to keep you connectde with your buddies.  

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