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Facebook Smartphone to be Released in 2013

We are now seeing software majors entering the hardware sector, after the instance of Google (a software company) entering the hardware market created a buzz in the market for acquiring Motorola Mobility. Google completed the $12.5 billion acquisition last week and now is all set to develop their smartphone. Now, following the footsteps of Google, the Social Networking king Facebook will be venturing into the hardware field. According to the reports from the insiders, Facebook is planning to launch their smartphone and is taking all necessary measures.


Its said, that Facebook has already hired some of the ex-Apple hardware and Software engineers, who have worked on Apple's iPhone and iPad and will be working on their Smartphone. While, all that sounds interesting, this isn't the first time Facebook have tried their hands in developing a smartphone. Even back in 2010, there were reports of a Facebook smartphone, but the project was soon shelved after the company realized the complexities of the development. However, this time around, the situation is quiet different; Facebook now is a public company and Facebook is expected to develop new sources of generating revenues. Though nothing much is known about the technical specifications of Facebook Smartphone, we will keep you posted on this front.

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